Tools & Programs

Bibliotherapy is a creative arts therapies modality that involves the reading of specific books with the purpose of healing. Mental health professionals of all kinds utilize books in their treatment, but at times have difficulty finding resources that meet their specific needs.

Resilience Campaign™ distributes books specifically for children affected by cancer. With an open, honest description of cells and how they turn into cancer, these books take the fear out of cancer and show kids what to expect out of treatment.

In hospitals and outpatient programs, the Child Life team focuses on the psychosocial concerns that accompany hospitalization and other health care experiences. The child life specialist focuses on the strengths and sense of well-being of children, while doctors work to save their lives.


In most cases, Child Life Services are provided for free to patients — as they should be — but this also means that most programs have very little funding for resources. Resilience Campaign™ was founded with the goal of meeting the needs of these programs by creating and distributing resources they need to do their jobs more easily.

Pediatric Cancer Patients

Described by Child Life Specialists as "hands down the best book written for children with cancer," What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer, explains the science of cancer and its impact on a child's day-to-day life.

The corresponding calendar helps kids visually understand when they'll be home, and when they'll have treatment. They'll also have something to look forward to with the light activity stickers, which are fun activities that are easy enough to do from bed.

These book & calendar kits support the mental health of patients by helping children understand cancer and normalizing their treatment. As one Child Life Specialist said, "kids are scared, and this is a tool that every new patient needs to help build the foundation of what is to come."


During times of chaos, visual calendars provide a sense of security, safety, and autonomy for kids. They also help kids communicate better about their treatment and become a more active participant.


Siblings +
Children of Adult Patients

A child's cancer diagnosis affects all members of the family, and there are virtually no resources for siblings. As parents necessarily shift their attention to the ill child, their sibling is left feeling confused, scared, and oftentimes jealous.


With a book and calendar just for siblings, these kids learn how their brother or sister's cancer treatment will affect their life, and the calendar reminds them that they're a priority and no one will forget them.

As Shani T., CCLS and founder of said, "There’s a serious gap in care for the siblings of cancer patients. To have a resource like this is invaluable."